margin: 30px 0 12px 0; header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .menuItems > ul { .main_footer #footer-new .info-icons > a, width: 100%; line-height: 120%; display: -ms-flexbox; en: { } align-items: flex-start; The Zoom meeting does not necessitate the use of a Zoom account. In the spirit of these short films, capture a team snapshot during each of your Zoom meetings and combine your screenshots into a video at years end. @media (max-width: 1023.98px) { } Enter the meeting ID provided by the host/organizer. text-decoration: none; @font-face { left: 0; Centralized IT management and remote assistance simplifies deployment and support for all aspects of Zooms virtual meeting platform. width: 100% !important; border: none; If you're not signed in, enter a display name. padding: 0; You may also call in via one of the numbers listed to listen to the meeting. #footer-new > .footer-body > .ft-nav .h4 > a { color: #0e72ed; @media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1023.98px) { } display: flex; font-size: 12px; color: #666484; display: flex; } -ms-flex-align: center; Discover Zoom One. If you want to join in on the fun, be sure to have a zoom link handy! -ms-flex-align: center; } while (c.charAt(0)==' ') c = c.substring(1,c.length); -webkit-box-align: center; } -ms-flex-pack: justify; width: 100% !important; header .ez__navBar .ez__topBar .ez__menuItemsRight > ul > li.ez__dNone { min-width: 140px; } } } justify-content: center; font-weight: 600; Privacy, Security, Legal Policies, and Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement, Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information. 55+ Realty Advisor Designation - Working with Seniors. @media (max-width: 767.98px) { Keep your Zoom client up to date to access the latest features. } header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .menuItems > ul > li { position: relative; .FlyoutContainer{float:right}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface{min-width:350px;margin-top:9px}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .FlyoutButton{color:#fff;align-self:center;display:flex;float:right;padding:0px 10px 0 5px;cursor:pointer;border-radius:5px 5px 5px 5px;height:32px;overflow:hidden;width:auto;transition:width 250ms;transition:visibility .5s linear 0s,opacity .5s,width .5s;font-size:11px;text-transform:uppercase}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .FlyoutButton.transition-hidden{color:#747487;display:none;border-radius:0 5px 5px 0;transition:width 250ms;visibility:hidden;width:0;opacity:0;transition:visibility .5s linear 0s,opacity .5s,width .5s}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .CoveoSearchbox .magic-box .magic-box-clear{width:32px;height:32px;visibility:visible}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .CoveoSearchbox .magic-box.magic-box-notEmpty .magic-box-clear{width:32px;height:32px;visibility:visible}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .CoveoSearchbox 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5px;border:none}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .CoveoSearchbox .CoveoSearchButton .coveo-search-button-svg,.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .CoveoSearchbox .CoveoSearchButton path,.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .CoveoSearchbox .CoveoSearchButton:hover path{fill:#747487}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .CoveoSearchbox .CoveoSearchButton .coveo-search-button-svg{width:15px;height:15px}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .FlyoutButton .coveo-search-button-svg,.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .FlyoutButton path{fill:white;color:#fff}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .FlyoutButton .CoveoText{width:75px;margin-left:5px;visibility:visible;opacity:1;font-size: 11px;font-weight: 300 !important;}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface 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input::placeholder{color:#747487;font-size:14px;font-family:Lato}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .magic-box .magic-box-suggestions.magic-box-hasSuggestion{top:36px;left:-32px;background-color:unset}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .magic-box .magic-box-suggestions .coveo-magicbox-suggestions{border:unset;-webkit-border-radius:4px;-moz-border-radius:4px;border-radius:4px;box-shadow:0 4px 16px rgb(0 0 0 / 16%);background-color:#fff}.FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface .magic-box .magic-box-suggestions .coveo-magicbox-suggestions .magic-box-suggestion{padding-left:24px;-webkit-border-radius:4px;-moz-border-radius:4px;border-radius:4px;border:none} grid-row-gap: 30px; margin-left: 10px; } .main_footer #footer-new>.footer-body>.ft-nav>div.ft-download { color: #fff !important; header .ez__navBar .ez__dropdown-menu .ez__megaMenuBlogs .blog .blog-content .title { } Save Kundalini Yoga & Meditation | Sundays 11am | Virtual Zoom Class to your collection. background-color: #fff; document.querySelector('.FlyoutButton').addEventListener('click', function(){ header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu { Expert support and services for all your design, strategy, implementation, event, and hardware needs. padding-bottom: 50px; header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsRight ul > li { } height: calc(100vh - 177px); flex-direction: column; bottom: 100px !important; #footer-new .footer-copyright > .info, } .main_header #footer-new > .footer-body > .ft-nav > div:last-child, You dont need to install anything special to use Zoom for group meetings or to participate in Zoom chats. @media (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 1023.98px) { Online Whiteboard. margin-bottom: 20px; var ca = document.cookie.split(';'); display: none; -ms-flex-direction: row; width: 95%; To attend a meeting or webinar, you must first sign up for a Zoom account. ONCE DOWNLOADED, SELECT JOIN A ZOOM MEETING,THEN ENTER THE ZOOM ACCESS CODE AND PASSWORD BELOWTO ACCESS ZOOM BY PHONE, CALL 312-626-6799 vertical-align: top; header .ez__navBar .ez__dropdown-menu .ez__dropdown-menu--content .ez__megaMenu--item .ez__megaMenuItemHead { } header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsRight ul > li > button.__type2--grey { -webkit-box-direction: normal; visibility: hidden; Connect virtually from anywhere with Zoom Meetings, Create and brainstorm with Zoom Whiteboard, Rich conversation analytics to improve sales, Send and receive messages and calendar invitations, Bring fluid interactions to hybrid teams with Zoom Huddles. font-family: "almaden_sansmedium"; Host hybrid and virtual events with Zoom Events, Elevate your brand with single session events powered by Zoom Sessions, Host and attend classes, group events, and more OnZoom. -ms-flex-align: center; header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .menuItems .ez__xsScrollableContent > ul > li > a:hover { right: 5px; Everything you need to work together, all in one place. font-size: 16px; } header .ez__navBar .ez__dropdown-menu .ez__dropdown-menu--content .ez__megaMenu--item .ez__megaMenuItemHead span { } line-height: 120%; Zooms web client enables users to join a meeting in their web browser without the need for plugins or software. z-index: 10; -ms-flex-pack: end; opacity: 1; header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .menuItems .ez__xsScrollableContent > ul { .ez__btn-large { background-position: -135px 0; } } overflow-y: auto; display: flex; Marketing Coordinator at background-position: -45px -36px; In one-on-one meetings, traditional rules apply: scissors cut paper, paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors. @media (max-width: 1023.98px) { } -webkit-box-flex: 1; border: none; font-weight: normal; Your favorite thing about working from home. header .ez__navBar .ez__dropdown-menu .ez__dropdown-menu--content .ez__megaMenu--item .ez__megaMenuItemBody > ul > li { } margin-bottom: 12pt; Zoom unifies cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings, and cross platform group chat into one easy-to-use platform. } } { .ez__container { Zoom Meetings syncs with your calendar system and delivers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing from desktop, mobile and dedicated Zoom for Home Devices. @font-face { -ms-flex-direction: row; @media (max-width: 767.98px) { top: 100%; letter-spacing: 0.1em; header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .menuItems .ez__xsSearchWrapper input:focus { border-bottom: 1px solid #e4f0ff; #footer-new > .footer-body, font-weight: normal; The room you want to edit is listed in the Rooms section. header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .menuItems .ez__xsScrollableContent > ul > li > { header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .xs-topbarMenu ul li button { margin: 0 5px;} padding-left: 20px; This will come in handy when you want to join a meeting or chat with friends. padding-left: 20px !important; display: -webkit-box; } .main_header #footer-new .info-icons > a .youtube-play, display: -ms-flexbox; @media (min-width: 1024px) { #footer-new .footer-copyright { header .ez__navBar .ez__dropdown-menu .ez__megaMenuBlogs .blog > img { .ez__navBar .FlyoutContainer #standaloneSearchbox.CoveoSearchInterface { margin: 0 !important;} On the Settings page, youll see a three-line triangle icon. padding: 0; margin-left: 10px; } display: none !important; Then, click on the link again and you will be joined to the meeting. display: flex; background: #0e72ed; -o-object-position: -26px -108px; -ms-flex-wrap: wrap; header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .xs-topbarMenu.visible-tablet { footer.main_footer { You can find facts in a variety of ways. } Online fitness and wellness classes. } } border: 1px solid #eee; header .ez__navBar .ez__topBar .ez__menuItemsRight > ul > li > a { header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft ~ .ez__burgerTarget { text-align: center; Youll be automatically connected to the meeting if youve already downloaded Zoom. Copyright 2023 Zoom Video Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. } padding: 12px 10px; display: none; display: none !important; height: 1px; } header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .menuItems > ul > li > a:hover, header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper .ez__megaMenu .ez__menuItemsLeft .menuItems > ul > li > a:active { color: #0e72ed; left: 10px; .main_footer #footer-new > .footer-body, You can play as many rounds as time allows. color: #666484; header .ez__navBar .ez__megaMenuWrapper { font-size: 14px !important;
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